Frequently Asked Questions

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What MyGrammarCheck uses behind?

MyGrammarCheck is fully powered by OpenAI GPT and DALLE Services.

Do I have to pay for MyGrammarCheck Services?

You can choose a Free or Paid plan. We have a Free plan, Pre-Paid Plan, Monthly Subscription, Yearly Subscription, and Lifetime Plan. 

Which OpenAI model MyGrammarCheck uses?

MyGrammarCheck uses all 4 OpenAI models including DALLE for generating images.

What kind of payment gateways does MyGrammarCheck supports?

MyGrammarCheck supports 8 different payment gateways, 6 can be used for both Prepaid and Subscription plans. Refer to the description to get the exact list.

Will there be new template added?

Yes, we have plans to add more than 100+ templates with future updates.

Should we be afraid of AI?

Don't know., I suggest you to reach out to Elon. That "alien" for sure knows something. 


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